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Toolox 44
Toolox 44 is quenched and tempered tool steel, produced with very low residual stress, due to which it features good dimensional stability. It does not require subsequent heat treating. It features excellent machinability, although it has high hardness c.45 HRC. It is equivalent with materials W.Nr. 1.2342, 1.2344 and it is treated to 45 HRC already during producing and it features very good toughness. Toolox 44 is not designed for subsequent heat treatment, it should not be subjected to the temperature higher than 590°C when it is not possible to guarantee material’s characteristics. It is suitable also for nitriding and surface finishing but at temperatures below 590°C. Toolox 44 is possible to be welded. CEV 0,96 (CET 0,57) with a pre-heating at min. 250°C, subsequent spheroidizing is recommended.
It offers very flexible possibilities of application in producing, e.g. for moulds for plastic materials, rubber industry pressing forms, pressing tools, folding tools, guiding lines, sheet forming tools, etc. It suits excellently above all for large batches and complicated products with high requirements for quality. Toolox 44 enables new and modern toolmaking procedures. Furthermore, quite a number of hazardous factors disappear from the production process and breakdowns due to hardening are completely eliminated. High metallurgical cleanliness and developed casting technology provide very homogenous material with good thermal conductivity. The steel has extraordinary properties for deep etching and polishing. Toolox 44 is shape permanent and it suits very well for machine processing, welding and surface finishing. Toolox 44 can be processed on conventional machines with using of SK tools (for drilling and screw-threads HSS-Co). Cutting is possible with a help of conventional sawing machines.
Tenacity max. 1420 N/mm2
Hardness max. 418 HB
1.2342/ 1.2344