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W.Nr. 1.2085
Alloyed stainless martensitic chromium steel with high corrosion resistance, with very good machinability, uniform strength within
the whole cross-section at all dimensions and good mechanical damage resistance.
It is a modification of steel W.Nr. 1.2316 with sulfur addition, due to which steel W.Nr. 1.2085 features higher machinability.

The steel is supplied in treated condition and there is no need for subsequent heat treatment (the delivered condition is exploited). Subsequent heat treatment is recommended only in exceptional events when higher hardness is required.
The steel is suitable for moulds frameworks of all dimensions, above all for chemically aggressive plastic materials processing and for moulds working in humid climatic conditions.
The steel is not suitable for shaped parts forming a part’s outline.
Stress-relief annealing max. 480°C
Soft annealing 850 - 880°C
Hardness after quenching 48 HRC
Tenacity 950 – 1100 N/mm2
Hardness 280 – 325 HB
< 1
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M 314