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Production control / Measurements

3D measurement

To make a complex control of the products, we use the WENZEL 65 CNC coordinate measuring device for checking dimensions as well as the deviations of shape and position of products up to the size 650 x 4000 x 500 mm. The measuring programmes developed by qualified employees allow for statistic evaluation of measured dimensions. In order to maintain required accuracy in measurement, the instrument is located inside air conditioned cabin.

Length gauges

All the gauges are calibrated within time limits set, in accredited labs, and in this way their linkage to the State Reference Standards (Etalons) is ensured.

Hardness measurement

We use the following basic methods to check hardness:
  • Brinell HB 2,5 / 250 kg
  • Vickers HV
  • Rockwell HRC.
Measurements are made on the Wolpert / Diatestor 2RC Stationary Hardness Tester

Roughness measurement

To check roughness, we use the Garant Perthomerher H1 roughness gauge, complete with printer to print measured surface profile along with Ra, Rz and Rm values under DIN EN ISO 4287 Standard.

Spectral analysis

To check the material we use Spectroport spectral analyzer to inspect the chemical composition through analysing discharge spectrum within the controlled argon atmosphere, and the change of material by measuring via spark method.

Other measurement options

To determine the defect of material doubling in parts from the force approx. 0.5 mm for a thickness of about 400 mm we use the USM 36 - Krautkramer / GE Inspection Digital Ultrasonic Unit

To measure the DC and AC residual magnetic fields (mT, A / cm, kA / m, Gauss) we use the Deutschemer 3873 digital measuring instrument from Karl Deutsch

For the detection of surface cracks in, for example, hardened products, the capillary method is used Met-L-Check cracks