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We make workpiece milling with CNC and conventional milling machines tailored to clamping long and flat parts. The CNC machining (milling) is prevailing due to the ever-increasing demands on precision parts. Tooling for these machines corresponds to the machining of tool steels in the soft and the hardened condition up to 60 HRC.

Two-spindle milling machine AMADA THV 800

It refers to a high productive TWO-SPINDLE machining of flat parts. Both spindle are equipped with milling head diameter 250 mm with 12 cutting plates. With these parameters, we are able to reach roughness of surface to 0.8 um.All four circumferential surfaces of the workpiece are fully automatically machined. The greatest time saving is milling of two sites together. Machining takes place without switching the parts.This generates further time savings and provides increased precision of the parts.

Max. workpiece dimensions 800 x 230 x 800 mm

CNC milling machines MATEC HV 30

We use this mailing cutter for machining workpieces with maximum dimensions 3000 x 800 x 800 mm, Resp. 4000 x 800 x 800 mm. Outside the standard movement in 3 axes, the machine is equipped with a horizontal-vertical tilting spindle with a range of ± 105 s with a continuous division enabling the productive CNC machining and drilling of the workpiece faces

For clamping workpieces, the machine is equipped with a set of hydraulic vices for a total length. The control system used on the machine is Heidenhein iTNC 530. The speed range of spindle is 20 – 9000 1/min.

CNC milling machines MATEC 40L

This machining center has axes X 6000 / Y 800 / Z 900 mm
The machine has two machining areas integrated with a separating partition. This allows for multipurpose machining. The HSK100 clamping cone guarantees sufficient tool stiffness.

CNC milling machines MATEC 50HV

Maximum travel paths: X 4000 / Y 1000 / Z 1100 mm. There are continuously variable swivel head and rotary table with D 1450 mm integrated.

CNC milling machines Norte VS 500

This milling machine allows for machining the parts with dimensions of up to 5000 x 500 x 500 mm upon clamping of 15 pcs of hydraulic clamps in a row one beside another. The parts to be machined are overwhelmingly of the character of long slender (thin) bars, slideways, and various types of industrial cutting tools (knives). The machine has automatic change of tools and movable tool spindle in 3 axes.

The machine is equipped with a programme-controlled parting machine (splitter) with horizontal axis and clamping table 1000 mm long, including support tailstock. The hydraulic clamp located at this table enables the CNC machining of parts of plate character with max length 800 mm and width 350 mm, and it allows their tilting along longitudinal axis.

CNC milling machines DMG DMC 100H

This horizontal centre allows CNC milling of parts in sizes up to 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm. A set of six interchangeable pallets with a clamping system using AMFO plate allows replacement of parts outside the workspace when the machine is running, thereby the setup times are reduced significantly. In addition, the variability of AMFO plates allows CNC machining of various shapes of plates and other parts in a row, without any delay, which is suitable for a productive CNC milling in small batches.

We perform conventional milling with the following machines:

Milling machine FGS 50/63

A robust machine for machining of large flat parts of a plate character.
Max. accuracy: 0,1 mm
Max workpiece dimensions: 1500 x 400 x 500 mm

Milling machine FV20

Conventional milling machine with tilting head in Y axis to enable, inter alia, milling of chamfering at the faces of long parts.
Max. accuracy: 0,1 mm. Max workpiece dimensions: 1000 x 200 x 300 mm