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Heat treatment

Through our proven cooperation companies in Czech Republic and the hardening facility in the PRÄZI-FLACHSTAHL AG(parent company) we provide following heat treatment of the materials and parts purchased from us:


  • Hardening in salt bath
  • Oil quenching
  • Quenching in controlled atmosphere
  • Vacuum hardening
  • Induction hardening
  • Heat treatment
We provide for classical steel hardening in salt bath up to 3m length. This technology ensures minimal deformations of steels during hardening and tempering (drawing) itself. The subsequent steel cooling is made under the cooling press, if required. We provide for induction hardening of steels up to 4m length, and in exceptional cases depending on the profile, up to 5m as well.

Chemical-heat treatment

  • Cementing (case hardening)
  • Nitrating
  • Carbonitriding (nitrocarburizing)
Cementing and nitrating are carried out mainly at the long-term partner companies in the Czech Republic.


  • Stress relief anneling
  • Spheroidizing (soft anneling)
  • Normalizing
When choosing proper technology for heat treatment of steels, our specialists will be pleased to advise you and recommend you the most appropriate way of heat treatment in terms of material selection, properties achieved, resultant deformations as well as the suitability for your final use.

Our parent company PRÄZI-FLACHSTAHL AG disposes many year of experience in the field of heat treatment. Of course in case of special requirements we are consulting the technological process of heat treatment with them.