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We carry out surface grinding of tool steel and construction steel using vertical and horizontal grinders. Thanks to the sufficient size of grinders, grinding heads and high machine rigidity we achieve high productivity when grinding while maintaining high dimensional and geometric quality as well as surface quality.

The machines are fitted with continuous control of grinding head feed,grinding head speed, the control of magnet’s clamping force, and also with the continuous control of the grinding head (table) travel of 1-35 m/min

A. Surface grinding – vertical method ( BPV )

With the use of this grinding technology, we standardly achieve dimensional accuracy of 0.05 mm, parallelity of 0.03 mm, and the surface quality Ra => 1.6µ. A commonplace is the observance of uniform removals while grinding a material so that no undesired shape deformations occur during the next processing at a client.

BPV - Göckel G80

  • Max workpiece dimensions:
    400 x 300 x 4000 mm 350 x 200 x 6000 mm

BPV - Göckel G100

  • Max workpiece dimensions:
    600 x 300 x 6500 mm

BPV - Göckel G130

  • Max workpiece dimensions:
    1000 x 350 x 7000 mm

B. Surface grinding - horizontal method (BPH)

With the use of this grinding technology, we achieve higher dimensional accuracy of 0.02 mm, parallelity of 0.01 mm, and the surface quality Ra => 0.8µ. The machine can be equipped with grinding wheels of different sizes, which gives us the ability to grind large areas, narrow grooves, chamfers, etc. Further, these machines allow grinding sideways by the disc-shaped tool, therefore we are able to achieve higher machining quality of the workpieces to the demand of the customer.
  • Max workpiece dimensions:
    600 x 700 x 2000 mm
    600 x 700 x 4000 mm