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Production of parts with custom dimensions

Custom dimensions – semi-products to order

Unless a semi-manufactured product suits you in terms of dimensions and quality within the ground steels of catalogue dimensions under DIN 59350, then we can offer you the semi-products straight to order.

Custom manufacturing of tailored semi-finished products is based on your specified dimensions, tolerances and the steel grade. The semi-finished products processed by precision milling and grinding, and with precision angles, may be widely used in the mechanical engineering.

Based on your request, we will prepare an offer for the price and delivery term. Please, specify your inquiry right from our registration Web site or via email or fax. To make the offer accurate, please specify in detail all the requirements on the product. We will respond to each inquiry.

Custom dimensions – the semi-finished products are not limited by material quality; we will offer you the required material or will suggest an alternative quality of material that has identical end-use properties.

Production of parts

We manufacture precise flat parts complete with heat treatment according to the client’s drawing documentation, and this for general engineering with wide application within the industry. Based on your inquiry, we will develop the quotation and will specify the delivery time. The production of parts is not limited by material quality, we shall try to offer the material required by you, or suggest other material of identical end-use properties. All the parts manufactured shall be fully measured for 3D by the measuring machine, and we can provide you with the Measurement Report, if required.

Please enter the inquiry for parts and components right from our Web site, following your registration, or order via email or fax. To make the offer accurate, please specify in detail all the requirements on the product. We will respond to each inquiry.


We offer the production of bars made of cutting-tool steel and high-grade steel including heat treatment, for all the branches of industry. These bars are appropriate e.g. for machine tools, guiding, conveyers, single-purpose machines, jigs and fixtures, etc.

We offer the bars in soft version, fully through-hardened, cemented and hardened, nitrided or only surface-inductively hardened as of your choice.

The bars are mainly of the following character:
  • Guide bars
  • Slinding bars (roller guides)
  • Linear lines
  • Travelling (shifting) systems
  • Travelling bars
  • Simple folding and pressing tools
  • Long slender (thin) parts

Industrial knives

We offer the manufacture of industrial cutting tools made of tool steel for cold work, including heat treatment, suitable for all branches of industry, especially for the processing of steel, wood, plastics, rubber, paper, textiles, etc.

Industrial knives have mainly the following characteristics:
  • Shearing tools
  • Crushing tools
  • Planning tools
  • Cutting tools and clicking dies
  • Splitting knives
  • Grinding knives
  • Shearing machines for splitting


We offer the production of various plates made of tool steel, high-grade steel, or constructional steel including possible heat treatment for all the branches of industry. These are suitable, for example, for the pressing and punching tools, conveyors, special purpose machines, manipulators, fixtures, etc.

Plates are cut around the perimeter, and they are manufactured by cutting, burning and milling, with refinished thickness, using vertical grinder BPV. We can offer as well the slot milling, boring, thread boring and also the making of threads on the side of a plate so to install the handling lugs, etc.

The plates have mostly character of:
  • Base plates for pressing tools
  • Standardized P-plates (P-platten) for injection tools and pressing tools
  • Plates to construct jigs
  • Plates to construct single-purpose machine
  • Plates for forming machines
  • Mill plates