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PRECIZ - ground steel

We specialize in supplying precision-ground tool and high-grade steels under DIN 59350. We supply machined semi-products of 500 and 1000 mm lengths within the entire range straight from our warehouse in Napajedla. We manufacture semi-products and parts at one identical location. Consequently we are able to offer you maximal flexibility of supplies with minimal delivery dates within 24 hours.

The quality of steels supplied is a commonplace. We purchase the steel only from prestigious European steel manufacturers. We can provide attestation on demand, right from the manufacturer as per EN 10204 – tool steel, attestation (certificate) 3.1.B. The supplies are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2001 under DIN, ČSN Standards, or others. The steel will be supplied in soft annealing state (state .3), packaged and preserved against corrosion.

It is commonplace to follow the principles of uniform draughts upon material grinding so that during the next processing at a customer no unwanted shape deformations occur. We guarantee the removal of decarburized layer on the semi-product material surface

The advantages of using machined semi-products:

  • Production effectiveness growth and productivity growth
  • Production times reduced
  • Dates of delivery of your products reduced
  • Production flexibility
  • Allowances for heat treatment
  • Reduction of warehouse stock through purchase straight to order
  • Elimination of setup operations – no roughing
  • Saving a number of employees
  • Saving a number of machines
  • Lower depreciation of machinery
  • Paper work saving
  • Rate of delivery, within 24 hours straight from warehouse to point of destination

Most frequent tool and high-grade steels supplied by us:

  • Tool steel for cold work
  • Tool steel for hot work
  • Tool steel for plastic moulds
  • Tool steel for press tools and jigs
  • Tool steel for industrial knives
  • Tool steel for forming tools
  • Structural steel for press tools, jigs, and general use

Standard (stock) quality offer