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W.Nr. 1.2312
Alloy treated steel with Cr - Mn – Mo, with sulfur content, ensuring excellent machinability also in the treated condition. Due to the high ability of treatment into the material’s depth there is uniform strength within the whole cross-section ensured. It offers excellent mechanical properties like as toughness, dimensional stability and at the same time good machinability and erodibility. It has good hardenability and hot strength. It is suitable for nitriding, case hardening and chromating.
It features better machinability in comparison to W.Nr. 1.2311 thanks to sulfur addition. In comparison to steel W.Nr. 1.2311 it is worse polishable.
The steel is supplied in treated condition and there is no need for subsequent heat treatment (the delivered condition is exploited).
The steel is suitable for plastic materials processing moulds and frameworks and for moulds framing for metal casting under pressure. Tools for hot forming like as interspaces and thermally stressed auxiliary tools. Machine parts with higher strength and sufficient toughness.
Stress-relief annealing max. 480°C
Soft annealing 710 - 740°C
Hardness after quenching 51 HRC
Tenacity 900 - 1100 N/mm2
Hardness 280 - 325 HB
19 520+S
M 200
P 20+S
~40 CMD8+S
~40 H