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W.Nr. 1.2379
High alloyed Cr - Mo - V steel with high abrasion and wear resistance in combination with good toughness. It features exquisite hardenability, dimensional stability during hardening and tempering resistance. It is suitable for air and vacuum hardening. The steel is difficult to grind, to hot work and it has also lowered machinability in the annealed condition. The steel is suitable for nitriding – it can substitute for steel W.Nr. 1.2080 in a higher quality.
Tools for cold working, i.e. all sorts of tools with a long operating life for cutting on presses and punching of materials of smaller thicknesses and materials with high strength, shear blades for sheets and steel strips for thicknesses of the cut material up to c. 10mm etc. Tools for forming, as for instance smaller girders and tools for drawing, stamping of materials. Tools for extrusion and pressing. Further, the steel finds use in making of highly stressed moulds and their parts for forming of plastic and powder masses, glass, pottery and ceramic materials. Suitable application for all types of industrial cutters as follows: shearing blades, shattering tools, blades of a plane, choppers and punching tools, clippers, grinding tools, shearing machines for cutting. Where very good rate of wear resistance and toughness is utilized.
Stress-relief annealing 650 - 700°C
Soft annealing 800 - 850°C
Hardening 1000 - 1050°C
Quenching Oil, Air
Tempering 480 - 580°C
Hardness after quenching 63 HRC
Tenacity max. 860 N/mm2
Hardness max. 255 HB
Soft annealed
max. 0,030
max. 0,030
19 573
K 110
Swerler 21