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W.Nr. 1.2436
High alloyed chromium ledeburite steel with high carbon and chromium content, featuring high wear resistance. High dimensional stability after hardening, it can be hardened also in air, higher hardenability in comparison with steel W.Nr. 1.2080. High cutting edge resistance. High compression strength. The steel for cold working.
Suitable for nitration.
The steel for cold working, with high wear resistance, it is suitable for plungers and dies for high effective and shape demanding follow and combined cutting tools. Particularly for cutting of transformer sheets and electrical steel sheets above 2mm of thickness.

Further, it is suitable for cutters for cutting of paper, plastic materials (with high glass content), steels up to thickness 4mm. It is suitable for tools for deep drawing and extrusion processing, tools for thread rolling, pressing tools for ceramics industry, high stressed tools
for wood processing, measuring instruments, moulds for plastic materials processing.
Stress-relief annealing 650 - 700°C
Soft annealing 800 - 840°C
Hardening 950 - 980°C
Quenching Oil, Air, Salt bath
Tempering 170 - 190°C
Hardness after quenching 63 HRC
Tenacity max. 860 N/mm2
Hardness max. 255 HB
Soft annealed
max. 0,030
max. 0,030
19 436
K 100
NC 11