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Toolox 33
Toolox 33 is quenched and tempered tool steel, produced with very low residual stress, due to which it features good dimensional stability. It does not require subsequent heat treating. It features excellent machinability, although it has high strength 300 HB. It is equivalent with materials for moulds for plastic materials pressing W.Nr. 1.2311, 1.2312, 1.2738 with the same hardness but higher toughness, better impact strength and thermal conductivity. It is homogenous tool steel with low alloying elements content which can be tempered at min. 600°C.
It imparts very good shape stability and considerably better properties for machine processing. Toolox 33 is not designed for subsequent heat treatment, it should not be subjected to the temperature higher than 590°C when it is not possible to guarantee material’s characteristics. It is suitable also
for nitriding and surface finishing but at temperatures below 590°C. Toolox 33 is possible to be welded. CEV 0,78 (CET 0,45) with pre-heating at min. 175°C, subsequent spheroidizing is recommended.
Low hardness makes Toolox 33 very easily processable and cutting speeds can be in comparison to conventional tool materials like as W.Nr.1.2312 increased by 20 to 25 % (productivity increasing). The combination with its extraordinary shape stability gives Toolox 33, as tool steel, substantial headstart. It is suitable for moulds frameworks, rubber industry forms, pressing tools, guides and guiding rails, laths. The steel suits excellently for etching, sparking-out, welding and, notwithstanding, it is easily polishable.
Tenacity max. 1125 N/mm2
Hardness max. 330 HB