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W.Nr. 1.1730
The most widely used carbon tool steel which, in most cases, is used in the supplied annealed condition. Sufficient hardness can be reached by quenching, the steel is not susceptible to quenching cracks.
It is characterized by high toughness, strength, impact resistance with the sufficient surface hardness (hard surface – tough core).
Very good machinability in the annealed condition, it can be hot formed well.
For welding, it is necessary to apply a pre-heating to 120 - 320°C.
It is suitable for induction hardening.
Structural material for moulds for plastic materials processing. Base plates and supporting structures for building of machines for plastic materials forming and casting under pressure. Less loaded quenched cutters and shears, guiding lines, conduits, cutting and pressing tools, tool holders. It is suitable for agricultural, forging and bricklayer tools as hammers, spanners, spalling hammers, etc.
Stress-relief annealing 600 - 650°C
Soft annealing 680 - 710°C
Hardening 800 - 830°C
Induction hardening
Tempering 160-300°C
Hardness after quenching 58 HRC
Tenacity max. 700 N/mm2
Hardness max. 207 HB
Soft annealed
19 083
K 945
UHB 11
SAE 1045
XC 48
C 45