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W.Nr. 1.3343
Fast cutting steel alloyed with tungsten and molybdenum with high toughness universally applicable, suitable for bath, plasma, and gas nitriding. Heightened toughness, easier machinability during grinding and higher resistance against pressure. High resistance against dimensional changes and warming during heat processing. It is suitable for coating with e.g. titanium nitride and aluminum oxides.
Steel meant for cutting tools for splinter machining such as e.g. twisting spiral frills, screw-taps, reamers, broaches, milling cutters of all kinds, saws for cutting metals, tools for woodworking, tools for cold-working. Also dies, plastic injection moulds with heightened wear resistance.
Stress-relief annealing 650 - 680°C
Soft annealing 770 - 820°C
Hardening 1200 - 1220°C
Quenching Oil, Air, Warm bath
Tempering 550 - 570°C
Hardness after quenching 65 HRC
Tenacity max. 900 N/mm2
Hardness max. 269 HB
Soft annealing
HS 6-5-2
19 830