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  • PRECIZ, s.r.o.
  • Uniemetaal BV
The PRÄZI GROUP is an association of companies dealing in industrial supplies. The close connection with customers is at the centre of our trade relations. A long-term supplying partnership can develop only through direct communication, and such relationship brings benefits to all parties participating in the supply chain management.

PRÄZI GROUP has been working for many years within this supply chain and can therefore prove much, after many years of developing the relationships with the customers.The PRÄZI GROUP places great emphasis on the fact that the customer should recognize the group and respect it not only as a supplier but also as a partner. This is an important basis of our success story. We help our customers to optimize production of their values and shorten the running time of the production cycle. Our main focus is to be always "a little ahead" of the competition. Compliance with the terms and the price / performance ratio are our critical criterions that guide our efforts to achieve the world-class performance.

Thanks to the awareness of high quality and flexible implementation of various customer requirements, the PRÄZI GROUP became recognized partner for many companies in the following indrustrial branches:
  • General engineering
  • Production tools, fixtures and molds
  • Production of machining equipment
  • Automotive industry
  • Robots and automation technology
  • Manufacture of transport equipment
  • Processing calcareous sandstone
  • Production: agricultural machinery
With a continuous expansion of the production activities, the PRÄZI GROUP become resilient to risks and has a steady income. It currently has 600 employees in five locations in four countries of Western and Central Europe and manufactures products with the highest utility value according to the technical requirements of our customers


The company PRÄZI-FLACHSTAHL AG in Everswinkel is the main production plant of the group; it is engaged in manufacturing precision machined flat steel in both standard and special design, as well as guides and slideways in differentiated geometric sections. The company offers individual solutions for use in machine tools, in automation and in general engineering.

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The company PRÄZI-FÖRDERTECHNIK GmbH is your competent partner in the field of infinite rolled augers, transport augers and complete transporting devices ready to install, as well as processing systems for solids in biogas plants.

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Since 1998, the company PRÄZI-HUNGARIA Kft. is owned by PRÄZI-FLACHSTAHL AG. The company expanded and successfully specialized in the manufacturing of products and components for agricultural machinery.

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Since 2002, the company UNIEMETAAL BV it is part of the g.claas group.For more than 40 years, the company UNIEMETAAL is successfully established on the market, and thanks to the special hardening technology, it has become a reliable supplier of hardened wear plates which are used for the production of complete tools or for the adaptation of compacting tools applied at processing of sand-lime bricks.The delivery program of Uniemetaal BV includes tools for all common types of presses and sizes of bricks.

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PRAZI-PARTS Srl is a subsidiary company founded by PRÄZI FLACHSTAHL AG in 2015. Its headquarters are in northern Italy. The company specializes in the distribution of worm conveyors and rotating parts for harvesting machines.

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